Manuel Neuer, goal keeper

Climate scientists

GEMA executive committee members

Frank Walter Steinmeier, minister for foreign affairs Federal Republic of Germany

Torsten Schaefer-Guembel, social democrat

People of Graubünden, Switzerland

People from Ticino, Switzerland

Fashion of Dolce & Gabbana in the hometown of Domenica Dolce, Polizzi di Generosa, Sicily


Young Actors Otto-Falckenberg-Schule 2014

Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa

Reinhold Messner, extrem climber

Manfred Karremann, investigative journalist, Greenpeace Magazin

Franziska Linhardt, student

Olaf Scholz, mayor of the city of Hamburg

Ali Mitgutsch, artist, LH-Magazin

Claus Hipp, entrepreneur

Michael Krüger, publisher and writer, LH-exclusive

Florian Langenscheidt

Young Actors of the Otto Falckenberg Schule 2013

William Hurt, actor

Ulrich Tukur, actor

Young actors of the Otto-Falkenberg drama school 2012

Oliver Kahn, goal keeper

Till Broenner, Jazz trumpet player

Calixto Bieito, Opera Director

Mario Botta, Architect, Mendrisio, Tessino

Christopher Lee, actor

“Food Fighters”

Mario Gomez, footballer

Nina Ruge, TV presenter

People of the island of Mallorca

Ludmilla Alexeyeva, russian dissident

Ron Wood, Rolling Stone

Ines Papert, extreme climber

Andre Jung, actor

Mr. Starflinger, dog sled world champion

Fortschritt kindergarden for severely physically and mentally challenged kids

Dieter Bohlen, music producer

Elina Garanca, opera singer

Ines Kolmsee, CEO Metallurgie


Gong Li, chinese actress

Norman Foster, architect

Oliver Holy CEO Classicon